lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

Advantage - Say Your Best, Do Your Worst

Style: Alternative / Pop Rock
Year: 2009

Track list:
01. Something More
02. Falling Down
03. The Menace
04. Place To Call Home
05. No One Cares
06. Let You Go
07. Living To Die
08. Better Off Without You
09. What You Wanna Hear
10. Elliot
11. Everything's Fine
12. Slow Down
13. I'm Alive
14. Lost In Eternity

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miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011

VersaEmerge - Fixed At Zero

Style: Alternative / Pop Rock / Experimental
Street Date: June 22, 2010

Track list:
01. Figure It Out
02. Mind Reader
03. Fixed At Zero
04. You’ll Never Know
05. Stranger
06. Redesign Me
07. Fire (Aim Your Arrows High)
08. Up There
09. Your Own Love
10. Mythology
11. Lost Tree

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viernes, 4 de marzo de 2011

Deas Vail - Birds & Cages

How do you follow up what was possibly one of the most talked-about Christian indie-rock albums of 2007? Quite simply, by making it better; and that is exactly what Deas Vail has done with their latest release, Birds & Cages. Originally on Mark Lee Townsend's indie label Brave New World, the band was recently signed to Relient K-managed Mono vs Stereo, a wise move from the resurrected label. 

Style: Indie Rock
Street Date: October 23, 2009

Track list:
01. The Things You Were (4:58)
02. Growing Pains (3:57)
03. Excuses (3:18)
04. Cages (5:08)
05. Birds (4:51)
06. Tell Me (0:48)
07. Dance In Perfect Time (3:28)
08. Sunlight (4:08)
09. Puzzles And Pieces (2:51)
10. The Great Physician (3:39)
11. The Leaper (4:02)
12. Atlantis (4:51)

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miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2011

Chevelle - Any Last Words? CD/DVD HD 720p

Is out now the Chevelle's new DVD, “Any Last Words?”, which was released on January 11th. The DVD, directed by Frankie Nasso, includes a music CD and DVD of Chevelle’s “Ten in 10” live performance, a two-night celebration of the band’s 10 years in music at The Metro in Chicago.


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Download link DVD:
“Any Last Words?” Track listing:
01. AntiSaint
02. Jars
03. Sleepwalking Elite
04. The Clincher
05. Shameful Metaphors
06. Sleep Apnea
07. Get Some
08. Letter From A Thief
09. An Evening With El Diablo
10. Send The Pain Below
11. The Red
12. Straight Jacket Fashion New link!!!
13. Vitamin R
14. I Get It

The Classic Crime - Vagabonds

The Classic Crime returns for their thirrd full-length album release, Vagabonds. The fact that the band had all pre-order proceeds from this album go towards Haiti was very noble of them. RCC's previous release, The Silver Cord was such a phenomenal album that Vagabonds leaves less of an impression due to its smaller size (17 minutes smaller than SC) and some less memorable songs. TCC continues with thought provoking lyrics on this project. "Broken Mess" is a great song (easily the best song on the album) that is saved for last, and it could be interpreted in many ways. Vagabonds does have its moments of greatness in songs like this one, "The Count," "Everything and Nothing" and "Four Chords." "Solar Powered Life" takes the listener back to the 70s with the return of sounds reminiscent of Golden Earring's "Radar Love." Fans of The Classic Crime will, no doubt, like this release (as I have), however, in the end, Vagabonds may leave one favoring The Silver Cord as it was a far better achievement.

Style: Rock / Alternative
Street Date: April 6, 2010

Track list:
01. A Perfect Voice (2:50)
02. Cheap Shots (3:30)
03. Solar Powered Life (1:59)
04. Four Chords (3:38)
05. Vagabonds (3:43)
06. The Happy Nihilist (3:28)
07. My Name (4:22)
08. Everything And Nothing (4:02)
09. The Count (3:45)
10. Different Now (3:59)
11. Broken Mess (4:20)
12. Weapon Of Choice (Demo) (3:10) **Deluxe Edition
13. Walk With Me (5:05) **Deluxe Edition

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The Classic Crime - The Silver Cord

The Classic Crime has been placed into the same sound genre as Jimmy Eat World and Fall Out Boy based on their 2006 debut, Albatross which was a favorite of mine that year. Crime chose Michael "Elvis" Baskette (Chevelle, Incubus) as their producer again for this project. Thankfully, they have musically progressed with a more unique style all their own with Silver Cord that is much more raw and aggressive. Justin DuQue (guitar) has said, "We are not a Christian band. Our lyrics are very positive and hopeful though," and yes, the album expresses some uplifting songs like "The Way You Are," which deals with people who fall into peer pressure, "and I hope to God that he will find his name/ and not listen to his so-called friends/ when they say/ this is the way you are/ Don't let them say." This album sustains the listeners' attention because of the variation throughout all 15 tracks. After the introduction track, the album rocks out to "Just a Man" which can be perceived as an individual who wants to make it very clear that they make mistakes ("all have sinned…and come short of the glory of God" -Romans 3:23). "Gravedigging" is a very catchy hard rock tune which recalls the days of guitar galloping effects found in several Iron Maiden songs. "Abracadavers," another hard rock tune that seems more appropriate as an album opener, is a song that captures the meaning that every human is just as important regardless of looks, financial power, or education as stated by the lead singer, Matt McDonald. While this album this album is far from being an album intended for spiritual growth, it has encouraging implications throughout several of the songs. Silver Cord is an album that can be listened to in its entirety as it's that good. This album ranks among the best so far this year.

Style: Rock / Alternative
Street Date: July 22, 2008

Track list:
01. The End
02. Just A Man
03. Grave Digging
04. The Way That You Are
05. 5805
06. Salt In The Snow
07. Abracadavers
08. R&R
09. God and Drugs
10. Medisin
11. The Ascent
12. Sing
13. Everything
14. Closer Than We Think
15. The Beginning (A Simple Seed)

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