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The Benjamin Gate - Contact (2002)

May 2001 introduced us to the power hitting moody sounds of The Benjamin Gate. Straight from South Africa, the quintet quickly became known for their more unique sound and presence. Their debut album ["untitled"] became a favorite of the year's new artists and the CCM scene welcomed the group with open arms. In just a little more than a year since their debut release, The Benjamin Gate offers a second helping of Gate goodness with Contact.

At first listen it's clear the band is already headed in a slightly different direction. Not exactly the leap that Skillet made from their self-titled grunge record to the electronic rock of Hey You - I Love Your Soul, Contact introduces a less aggressive approach than their debut. This is evident in more radio friendly pop opener "Lift Me Up." "Need" and "Do What You Say" are two tight rock songs reflecting similar sounds to previous Gate recordings, and serving as significant album highlights. The addictive twist known as "Overkill" uses an infectious bass beat to break open the track forming another highlight as lead vocalist Adrienne's soft vocals glide through the song's opening. The relevant and all too easy to relate to message of worrying too much will hit home with the listener making "Overkill" all that much easier to listen to.
Style: Alternative / Electronic Rock

Track list:
01. Lift Me Up
02. This Is Not
03. The Calling
04. Do What You Say
05. Overkill
06. Need
07. Light
08. Your Kisses Blind Me
09. Tonight
10. Gratitude
11. The Way You Are
12. Violently
13. Fall Away

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The Almost - Monster Monster (2009)

The Almost es una banda de rock estadounidense de Clearwater, Florida, formada en 2005, y es más notable por ser el proyecto paralelo (y ahora el proyecto principal) del ex baterista de Underoath, Aaron Gillespie.

Género: Alternative / Pop punk / Indie rock

Track list:
01 - Monster Monster
02 - Lonely Wheel
04 - Hands
05 - Young Again
06 - Summer Summer
07 - Hand Grenade
08 - Books & Books
09 - Souls On Ten
10 - Want To
11 - Get Through
12 - Monster
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House Of Heroes - Suburba (2010)

House of Heroes successfully stomped all over 2008 with The End Is Not The End, wowing critics and listeners alike, and creating tons of anticipation when they announced the follow up, Suburba. Suburba follows in the footsteps of The End... when it comes to the style, but it doesn't feel like HoH is trying to recreate it. Songs like "Elevator" (with its excellent musicianship) and highlight "God Save The Foolish Kings" (with its progressive structure and energy) display what fans have come to love in the band's newer material. "Independence Day For A Petty Thief" doesn't grab the listener as much, but longtime fans of the band may have an appreciation for it, as it is reminscent of some of their pre-The End... songs. There's also a bit of old school rock and roll influence apparent. "Salt in the Sea" has a Beach Boys feel (except with some more worshipful lyrics), while "Constant" reminds me very much of an '80s rock ballad. Overall, it's a good rock record (not to mention good tunes for the remainder of the summer), but it's not quite as good as their last outing. In House of Heroes' defense, however, I don't know if anyone really expected it to surpass The End..., so that doesn't have a lot of bearing. The album is still really good and worth the money. Suburba is good for fans of rock music and House of Heroes in general.

HOH pisoteó con éxito en todo el 2008 con "The End Is Not The End", sorprendiendo a críticos y oyentes por igual, y la creación de mucha anticipación cuando se anunció el seguimiento, Suburba. "Suburba" sigue los pasos de The End... en lo que respecta al estilo, pero no se siente como HOH está tratando de volver a crearlo. Canciones como "Elevator" (con su excelente música) y seleccionar "God Save The Foolish Kings" (con su estructura progresiva y enérgica) muestra que los fans han llegado a amar este más reciente material de la banda. Desde hace mucho tiempo los fans de la banda puede tener un aprecio por ella, ya que es reminiscencias de algunas de sus pre-The End ... canciones. También hay un poco de influencia de la vieja escuela de rock n roll. "Salt in the Sea" con algunas letras de canciones de adoración , mientras que "Constant" me recuerda mucho a un rock balada de los 80. En general, es un excelente disco de rock.

Track list:
2. Elevator
3. Love Is For The Middle Class
:4. So Far Away
5. God Save The Foolish Kings
6. Salt In The Sea
7. Independence Day For A Petty Thief
8. Somebody Knows
9. Disappear
10. She Mighty Mighty
11. Constant
12. Burn Me Down

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House Of Heroes - The End Is Not The End (2008)

House of Heroes return- with an epic flair and the staggering talent fans have long come to expect. The End Is Not The End marks not a mere continuation of a previously established sound, but opts for the deeper aspects of musical tale-telling. Taking cues from the greatest eras of music past, and then embellishing those tonal concepts and meshing them with a flavor all their own. Every nuanced vocal arrangement or underlying melody change between verses only serve to add to the virtuosity of the whole. And the amazing music and group vocals serve the plotline so well- steeped in an age gone by, telling tales of WWII from the vantage of the personal. With often poignant thematic elements, harkening to stories of war and hope and personal sacrifice, the subject matter never weighs the album down. Rather, because the often brilliant instrumentation is rooted in such unfeigned narrative- the meaning and depth of character bleeding from every audio pore is accentuated. Thoughts shall be provoked- emotions will be stirred. In a single word- "Epic."

Track list:

1. Intro
2. If
3. Lose Control
4. Leave You Now
5. Dangerous
6. In The Valley of The Dying Sun
7. Code Name: Raven
8. By Your Side
9. Journey Into Space (Part One)
10. Sooner Or Later
11. Baby’s A Red
12. Drown
13. Faces
14. Voices
15. Field of Daggers
Bonus Tracks
16. New Moon
17. Ghost

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House Of Heroes - Say No More (2006)

Marketing is a tricky business, especially when it comes to such acts as House of Heroes. When their self-titled, national debut was released through Gotee Records in April of 2005, they were busy gearing up for the summer festival run. It was a marketing nightmare. Promoting a new album without a national tour is an unspoken "no-no" in the business, and it wasn’t until late 2005, months after the album had released, that they were actually able to go on tour.

Bands like House of Heroes are hard to market in the first place. When a band comes along with a completely different sound, it’s always a gamble, and you can only hope for the best.

Esta banda proveniente de Columbus, Ohio y anteriormente con el nombre de No Tagbacks, esta compuesta por los hermanos Tim Skipper, Colin Rigsby y AJ Babcock. Say No More, fue lanzado el 2 de mayo de 2006. Fue una reedición de su álbum debut homónimo, e incluye dos temas extra ("The Invisible Hook," and "You Are the Judas of the Cheerleading Squad").

Genero: Alternative / indie rock / pop

Track list:
1. Buckets For Bullet Wounds - 3:39
2. Fast Enough - 4:03
3. Friday Night - 3:25
4. The Invisible Hook - 3:31
5. Mercedes Baby - 3:27
6. Serial Sleepers - 3:10
7. Make A Face Like You Mean It (Vampires) - 3:12
8. Metaphor In Parenthesis - 4:46
9. You Are the Judas of the Cheerleading Squad - 4:54
10. Pulling Back the Skin - 5:43
11. Suicide Baby - 3:13
12. Angels In Top Hats... - 8:56

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Ace Enders And A Million Different People - When I Hit The Ground (2009)

Genero: Alternative / Indie rock / folk

Track list:
01. Reintroduction
02. Take the Money and Run
03. New Guitar
04. The Only Thing I Have (New Sign)
05. When I Hit the Ground
06. Reaction
07. Sweeter Light
08. S.O.S.
09. Over This
10. Where Do We Go from Here
11. Emergency
12. Leader
13. Bring Back Love (Year 2020)
14. Can't Run Away

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Flyleaf - Remember To Live EP (2010)

Flyleaf returns thirteen months after their last full-length album, Memento Mori, with an EP showing off their softer side. The Remember to Live EP features a heavy dose of acoustic guitar work in the nearly 24 minute release. Fans that got the iTunes Exclusive Much Like Falling EP will recognize the opening track, "Justice and Mercy." Lacey and the band take a more mellow approach with the "Violent Love Version," making it an acoustic guitar ballad that really compliments the song. The next five tracks are rare and previously unreleased songs from the past; some of which even date back to the days when the band went by the name Passerby. Songs like "Okay" capture the essence of Flyleaf while remaining acoustic, yet "Amy Says" is more of a softer alternative rock song. In fact, "Amy Says" and the Ben Moody (of Evanescence fame… or infamy) remixed "Arise" are the only two tracks that feature electric guitars. This EP will prove that Flyleaf, more directly Lacey Sturm, is not a one trick pony. The band pulls off these slower acoustic driven tracks with ease. "Dear My Closest Friend" will make you fall in love with the band all over again as it is probably the most beautiful song the group has recorded. The biggest downfall to the EP itself is that it is an EP. It would have been great to see them put together another four or five tracks for a rarities/B-Sides album. Do not pass this EP up as filler; you are going to want to hear this one over and over again.

Track list:
01 Justice & Mercy (Violent love version)
02 Okay
03 Amy Says
04 Clear my Closest Friend
05 Light In Your Eyes
06 Believe In Dreams
07 Arise (Ben moody mix)

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Athlete - Vehicles and Animals (2003)

Vehicles and Animals fue el primer álbum de larga duración de esta banda británica Athlete, por primera vez en la primavera de 2003. Fue nominado para el Mercury Music Prize 2003.

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KYOSKO - La canción que me salvo (live)

Grabado en junio de 2009 por la celebración de 15 años en la música de esta genial banda.

Track list CD1:
01. El eslabón
02. En la nada
03. 15 años
04. Decisión
05. Brillará por siempre
06. Rayo de mar
07. Inmortalidad
08. No te alejes de mi
09. Marionetas
10. Siempre es lo mismo
11. V.I.P
12. Previa
13. Acústico

Track list CD2:
01. Sólo un poco
02. ¿Quién sabé?
03. Dos instantes
04. Borde real
05. Depende de vos
06. Casimira
07. Dentro del olvido
08. ¿Cómo estás?
09. Asilo de la noche
10. Último track
11. Desde que perdi mi dolor

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The best Christmas songs...

Un post único como este solo lo encuentras aqui :) ... tomado de disferentes discos navideños y tocado por diferentes bandas del medio cristiano, disfrutenlo y Feliz Navidad!!!.

Christmas songs 1:
01 Angels We Have Heard On High - Sixpence None The Richer
02 Christmas This Year - Toby Mac feat. Leigh Nash (New 2010)
01 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Relient K
03 Go Tell It On The Mountain - Seabird
04 Maybe This Christmas - Leigh Nash
05 Sleigh Ride - Relient K
06 I Wish It Would Be Christmas Everyday - All Star United
07 Merry Christmas Heres To Many More - Relient K
08 O Come, O Come Emmanuel - Sixpence None The Richer
09 What Child Is This - Seabird
10 A Holiday Song - Starflyer 59
11 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing - Seabird
12 Feliz Navidad - David Crowder Band
13 Hard Candy Christmas - Leigh Nash
Link de descarga: http://www.mediafire.com/?40413g2iste2jd0

Christmas Songs 2:
01 Silent Night - Third Day
02 Christmas Island - Sixpence None The Richer
03 It's Christmas Day - Family Force 5
04 What Child Is This - Poor Old Lu
05 Christmas For Two - Sixpence None The Richer
06 I Celebrate The Day - Relient K
07 Love Came Down At Christmas - Jars Of Clay
08 ThePeace Child (O Come Emmanuel) - The Normals
09 Oh Holy Night - The Fold
10 Silent Night - Sanctus Real
11 Snow Miser - FM Static
12 Merry Christmas - Third Day
13 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Copeland
14 Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree - Jaymes Reunion
15 Angels We Have Heard On High - Marc Cary
16 Oh Holy Night - Eisley
17 Rebuild - Switchfoot, Relient K & Ruth
Link de descarga: http://www.mediafire.com/?lio74kh5b4dvn08

Christmas Songs 3:
01 All I Want For Christmas Is You - House Of Heroes
03 Punk Rawk Christmas - MxPx
04 (Ho Ho Hey) A Way For Santa's Cleigh - Emery
05 Christmas Day - MxPx
06 Gloria - Hawk Nelson
07 Little Drummer Boy - The Almost
08 O' Come O' Come Emmanuel - House Of Heroes
09 Jesus Gave Us Christmas - Emery
11 Away In A Manger - Plankeye
12 Happy Christmas (War Is Over) - Sent By Ravens
13 Last Christmas - Hawk Nelson
14 Do You Hear What I Hear - Seventh Day Slumber
15 We Wish You A Merry Christmas - Relient K
16 Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) - Skyline Drive
17 Another Christmas (Old Borego) - Switchfoot
Link de descarga: http://www.mediafire.com/?66dka3es0kghj84

Christmas Songs 4:
01 Jingle Bell Rock - Thousand Foot Krutch
02 The Wind - Demon Hunter
03 O, Holy Night - Ivoryline
04 Heat Miser - Thousand Foot Krutch
05 Jesu Bambino (The Infant Child) - Plankeye
06 12 Days of Christmas - Relient K
07 Christmas, Baby Please Come Home - Anberlin
08 Yule Be Sorry- Aaron Gillespie of Underoath
09 Do You Hear What I Hear - Hangnail
10 Mary Did You Know - Kutless
11 It's Christmas And I'm Sick - MxPx
12 This Time of the Year - Project 86
13 Have It All - Ace Troubleshooter
14 Mary Did You Know - Spoken
15 His Favorite Christmas Story - Capital Lights
Link de descarga: http://www.mediafire.com/?5wxfuqfvxev8bqu

Flyleaf - Christmas song: http://www.mediafire.com/?58pglh5eh1q5myy

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Chevelle - Sci-Fi Crimes (2009)

01. Sleep Apnea
02. Mexican Sun
03. Shameless Metaphors
04. Jars
05. Fell Into Your Shoes
06. Letter From A Thief
07. Highlands Apparition
08. Roswell
09. Interlewd
10. A New Momentum
11. This Circus

Link de descarga:

Chevelle - Vena Sera (2007)

01. Antisaint
02. Brainiac
03. Saferwaters
04. Well Enough Alone
05. Straight Jacket Fashion
06. The Fad
07. Humanoid
08. Paint The Seconds
09. Midnight to Midnight
10. I Get It
11. Saturdays

Link de descarga:

Chevelle - This Type Of Thinking (Could Do Us In) (2004)

01. The Clincher
02. Get Some
03. Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)
04. Still Running
05. Breach Birth
06. Panic Prone
07. Another Know It All
08. Tug-O-War
09. To Return
10. Emotional Draught
11. Bend the Bracket
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Chevelle - Wonder What's Next (2002)

Chevelle released their debut album Point No. 1 in 1999 on the now defunct label Squint Entertainment. The band consists of three brothers: Joe, Pete, and Sam Loeffler who together have become known for creating a raw and sometimes vicious hard rock sound. While their debut was weak in almost ever way, Wonder What's Next, their 2002 follow-up on secular label Epic Records, proves some time and a good producer can bring out the best in a band.

For me, Wonder What's Next leaves me wondering what's up with the trio. Lyrically and stylistically they've matured a lot but it's clear that their music is more soaked with angst and frustration than ever. The album opens with the powerful but angry "Family System" which offers some simple yet tasty guitar licks and rhythms. But be warned -- you'll find nothing uplifting about Wonder What's Next. While there's nothing obscene or offensive, you'll also be looking in the wrong place in Chevelle if you're longing for some hard-hitting words of encouragement or worship. In fact, the only real mention of God on the entire project is in the loud and passionate "Grab Thy Hand." Pete's vocals scream "God/ How I long/ How I long/ To Grab Thy hand and walk..."

A highlight musically but potentially a puzzler lyrically is the infectious "Comfortable Liar." A cymbal and grinding pick slide give way to an irresistable pounding beat and bass as Pete's emotional an effective vocals enter in to round out an excellent track. "Send The Pain Below" offers a little straight-up rock with dashes of angst as Pete's contemplative vocals describe what could easily be struggles with sin -- something every listener can relate to. "The Red" is one of the most memorable of offerings, as a driving guitar rhythm accompanying smooth vocal harmonies fuel the tale of a man's struggle with anger. "Wonder What's Next" offers a dark and moody guitar riff similar to something that may have appeared on their debut, except this time with the power that that album lacked. Lyrically, Pete expresses his frustration with critics or perhaps their experiences with the Christian music scene... ""You write music in the first place/ Always moving, refining, pushing forward the art that one's creating/ Looking to the right time to share it, and then the headaches of criticism/ Senior advisors/ Unseen people above twisting, distorting, that which we love, and never ending problems with money holding you back preventing progress... cause we play the blaming game/ Yes I mind, it's not your turn."

Track list:
01. Family System
02. Comfortable Liar
03. Send the Pain Below
04. Closure
05. The Red
06. Wonder What's Next
07. Don't Fake This
08. Forfeit
09. Grab Thy Hand
10. An Evening With El Diablo
11. One Lonely Visitor

Link de descarga:

Chevelle - Point # 1 (1999)

Track list:
01 Open - 2:01
02 Point #1 - 4:21
03 Prove to You - 3:15
04 Mia - 2:19
05 Skeptic - 4:05
06 Anticipation - 3:07
07 Dos - 6:29
08 Long - 4:36
09 Blank Earth - 5:26
10 SMA - 2:54
11 Peer - 4:08

Link de descarga:

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A Retterdam November - Love Is (2010)

Su ultima y nueva producción para este año, van a quedar encantados con el tema "Love Is" todo un temazo.

Track list:
01. Break Down
02. Anemone (Unfading Love)
03. Love Is
04. Three Words
05. She’s Not Yours
06. Problematic
07. Letter
08. Angela’s Song
09. I’m Not Going Anywhere Without You
10. A Song To Take You Back
11. We Still Believe

Link de descarga:

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A Rotterdam November - A Rotterdam November (2008)

We're in a musical era where the independent musician has a much easier time getting known. One such example is a band called A Rotterdam November. The Boise, Idaho, rock band released their self-titled debut in 2008, and fans have still stuck with them, waiting for a new release. What got these fans hooked is the sounds of A Rotterdam November, an album chock full of rock ballads and edgy, yet radio friendly, power pop.

The thing about A Rotterdam November and their debut is that it's more enjoyable than anything else. Granted, they're a talented bunch, but thus far, it seems as though their music leans more toward accessibility and pop friendliness than authentic quality, bearing a sound like any number of radio pop punk bands. The first actual song, "City Without A Heart," seems slightly similar to the way Hillsong United opens most of their albums, yet with a little more rock flair. The rock keeps up into "Fight," reminding one of the band Eye Alaska, utilizing a pop rock-flavored hook that is legitimately addicting. They do a decent job with other upbeat songs, like "Crippling Machine" (which uses a disco beat in the chorus with high pitched guitars on top) and "Breaking For You" (incorporating some piano to give somewhat of a Something Corporate feel to the song). A Rotterdam November also seem to be no strangers to the pop ballad, such as "Trainwreck" and the acoustic-driven "Unraveling of a Tragedy," the latter of which is a call to God for redemption and features a string section to add to the melancholy feel of the song.

Track list:
01. Blitzkrieg – 0:43
02. City Without A Heart – 2:32
03. Fight – 3:20
04. Trainwreck – 4:25
05. Crippling Machine – 3:19
06. Casualties – 4:17
07. Breaking For You – 2:45
08. 1914 – 4:09
09. Unraveling Of a Tragedy – 3:14
10. Prelude To The End – 0:32
11. Enough (The End) – 2:53

link de descarga:

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Sent By Ravens - Our Graceful Words (2010)

These days it's difficult to find artists who have a strong, solid rock sound. It's even harder to a rock act which fuses faith uncompromisingly into their every song. In Sent By Ravens debut, Our Graceful Words, you have both. The band's music has elements of Emery, High Flight Society, and Ivoryline without sounding too much like any of the mentioned artists. The presence of "Trailers vs the Tornado" and "This Awakening" (two songs from the group's 2008 EP) highlight how SBR?s song-building has changed for the better. However, when the soft rock song "Salt And Light" acts as the sole ballad on the album, it indicates that the band still struggles with adding diversity to every track. SBR's screaming isn't dominant, but it comes out to support some of the more intense songs like "New Fire" and "Honest Heart." The lyrics are incredibly honest as SBR pulls no punches when discussing our duty to each other as they make brotherhood the theme of many songs on the album. Lead singer Zach Riner easily distances himself from mainstream peers when he sings "I could write this song in anger/but it's not who I am" on "Stone Soup." Our Graceful Words underscores some of the originality issues that Sent By Ravens has, but it evens out to be a strong rock album.

Style: Rock / Alternative
Street Date: April 20, 2010

Les recomiendo oir "Beautiful list" y " Salt and the light"
Track list:
1. New Fire
2. An Honest Heart
3. I Hear Her Breathe
4. Beautiful List
5. Trailers Vs. Tornadoes
6. Jill Plays Tricks, Jack Plays God
7. Philadelphia
8. Salt And The Light
9. This Awakening
10. Stone Soup
11. True Bride

Link de descarga:

Sides Of The North - The Incurable Romantic (2005)

Sides Of The North proveniente de  Dayton, Ohio. Su música ha evolucionado a un estilo que algunos llaman pasiva- agresiva, con guitarras y bases de gran conducir en estado de ser conducido vocalmente. Aquellos q' gustan del Indie / rock esta es una muy buena opción.

Track list:
2.The Incurable
3.Love And Lines
4.You Red Devil
5.The Up And Up
6.The Romantic
7.Revolver Wedding
8.Mrs. Malicious
9.Slowly and Sometimes Never
10.Passion's Kiss
12.Evening Hymn

Link de descarga:

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Seeking Serenity - Grace Will Lead Us Home EP (2010)

Si les gustó Paramore, pues aqui tienen otra opción.

01. Intro
02. Since When Were You Invincible
03. Drowning In Myself
04. The Weak Become Strong
05. Temptation
06. Seek Search Find

Link de descarga:

Ivoryline - Vessels (2010)

Ivoyline's debut, There Came A Lion, was a good alternative rock album which featured a sound similar to Anberlin, but the project itself lacked diversity. The band's second venture, Vessels, does more to increase the individual variety of music between songs, but it will still take a few listens for fans to get the full outlook of the release. Still, a few highlights stick out right away such as the intense "Search Me Out" and the emotionally charged "The Healing." Both the title track and "No One Else" provide the heavy lifting, while "Instincts" and "Made From Dust" act as the album's more epic tracks. My biggest gripe with the music on Vessels is that there could be several comparisons made from Vessels to Sent By Ravens' debut, Our Graceful Words, which was released earlier this year. Although their debut was fairly spiritually ambiguous, the lyrics are not so vague this time as Ivoryline offers some clear Biblical language (some examples: "live a life/worthy of the calling you have don't look left, don't stray right/narrow is the way to life death couldn't hold him down"). Overall, it took several listens for Vessels to grow on me, but the lyrical depth combined with the band's refined rock sound makes Ivoryline's sophomore record something worth getting into this summer.

Style: Rock / Alternative
Street Date: July 27, 2010

Jeremy Gray – lead vocals
Dusty Kittle – guitar
Wes Hart – drums
Robert Woodward – bass guitar
Brandon Crabtree - touring guitar

Track list:

01. The Healing
02. With the Daylight
03. Search Me Out
04. Instincts
05. Open Hearts
06. Vessels
07. No One Else
08. Walking Dead
09. Broken Bodies
10. The Greatest Love
11. Made From Dust
12. Naked
13. You Bring Fire

viernes, 26 de noviembre de 2010

Abandon - Searchlights (2009)

Since early 2008, Abandon has been floating around the music scene with a few EPs which have allowed spectators to see what this San Antonio-based alt-pop rock group is capable of. On the band's full-length national debut on Forefront, Searchlights, Abandon offers their best and most popular tracks like the aggressive rock song “Providence,” the softer, electronically influenced “City Lights,” and the good “Hold On.” Of the four new tracks, “Confession” is probably the best with its alt-rock twist and great echoing background vocals. And like much of the album, “Safe In Your Arms” and “Here We Are Now” are solid pop rock tracks, but are not absolutely overwhelming. Throughout Abandon’s album, the lyrics contain praise and worship overtones while communicating complex lyrics which, at times, are taken right out of Scripture. Some may question the wisdom of releasing a 12 track album which only has four new songs on it, but Searchlights is finally an album that this promising band can reference.

Track list:
01. Hold on
02. Song for the broken
03. Confession
04. Providence
05. Here we are now
06. City lights
08. Safe in your arms
09. Atmosphere
10. Here waiting
11. Your love lifts me up
12. Hero

Link de descarga:
part1 http://www.mediafire.com/?mnyjnoj5mzw
part2 http://www.mediafire.com/?ywnwhmnk2nq

Abandon - Abandon EP (2008)

Iniciando su entrada en Forefrontrecords sale el segundo EP. Seguro q' quedan enganchados con el tema "Providence".

Aqui el contenido:

01. Providence
02. Be alive in me
03. All becouse of you
04. Here waiting
05. Atmosphere

Link de descarga:

Abandon - Who You Are (2006)

Aqui les dejo otro albm de estudio al igual q' el anterior "Ambush".

01. Close to you
02. Go
03. Surrender
04. Who you are
05. You and me
06. All i have
07. Don't say goodbye
08. Everything
09. Cover me
10. Take over
11. Open up
12. Fall on me

Link de descarga:

Abandon - Ambush EP

Abandon es una banda de rock cristiano formada en San Antonio, Texas, en 2002.Se compone de los hermanos Josh Engler en voz y Justin Engler en la guitarra, por los primos Stevan Vela en la guitarra y Dave Vela en la batería y Fowler Bryan en el bajo. La banda firmó un contrato de grabación con ForeFront Records a finales de 2007 y puso en marcha su primer EP en julio de 2008.El nombre del grupo está inspirado en un versículo bíblico de Josué 22:3, que dice: Hasta el día de hoy no habéis abandonado a vuestros hermanos durante este largo tiempo, sino que habéis cuidado de guardar el mandamiento del SEÑOR vuestro Dios."

Esta banda es una de las muchas y poco conocidas bandas indie rock pero resalta por su estilo en particular y tiene un aire a "the killers".

Bueno a continuación les dejo el contenido de este su primer trabajo independiente:

01. Everything
02. Cover me
03. Surrender
04. Waiting for
05. Fall on me
06. Find a way
07 Running

link de descarga: