lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Blindside - With Shivering Hearts We Wait

It's been four years since Blindside last released music, six since a full album. And although the band never officially broke up, it has certainly seemed that way for a while. After the 2005 release of the highly experimental album The Great Depression, many fans were left wondering where the band would go next, or if they would go anywhere at all. Blindside's subsequent release, The Black Rose EP, proved to be a mix of their previous albums and was a collection of songs that could easily have served as a perfect farewell for the group. Shows had become scarce and all signs pointed towards the end. Yet, four years later, Christian music's most popular Swedish post-hardcore band returns with one of the best albums of their career. Slightly more radio friendly than their previous releases, Blindside's latest charts new territory for the band. Huge choruses have become the rule, not the exception. Yet, despite a more accessible approach, the group's signature musicianship and sound remain quite intact. Vocalist Christian Lindskog's screams more passionately than ever and the riffs are distinctively heavy. From the album's blistering opener to its electronic filled final cut, With Shivering Hearts We Wait was more than worth the wait. It's an exciting new entry into what hopes to be a long chapter in the band's career...

Style: Alternative Metal / Post-Hardcore
Street Date: June 7, 2011

Track list:
01. There Must Be Something In The Water (3:58)
02. My Heart Escapes (3:42)
03. Monster On The Radio (3:11)
04. It's All I Have (3:51)
05. Bloodstained Hollywood Ending (3:15)
06. Our Love Saves Us (3:29)
07. Bring Out Your Dead (3:41)
08. Withering (3:35)
09. Cold (3:23)
10. There Must Be Something In The Wind (7:03)

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