jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2011

Switchfoot - Vice Verses (D.E.)

Since 1997, Switchfoot has been satisfying the ears and hearts of music fans worldwide. Two years ago, the band released what is arguably one of their best projects to date with Hello Hurricane, even grabbing a Grammy win for it earlier this year. Around the same time they wrote the songs for Hurricane, the band penned what would go on to be a fan favorite with the song "Vice Verses," already knowing it would be the title track of their to-be-determined follow-up to Hello Hurricane. Now the storms have passed and Vice Verses is here to touch down upon eager listeners. The album carries a similar edgy and raw sonic feel to Hurricane, but amps it up a little bit more at times, mixing in some of the melodic catchiness that albums like Nothing Is Sound and Beautiful Letdown boasted. Thematically, Vice Verses continues Switchfoot's frequent themes of wanting to live for more (the mellow "Thrive" and rocker "Rise Above It") and even pondering life after death (the opening rocker "Afterlife" and the fantastic emotional closer "Where I Belong"). Musically, the only song where the band actually takes a little risk may be with the rant-style talking vocals used throughout the quirky but fun "Selling The News." Other gems include the edgy and anthemic "Dark Horses," "The Original," and the lovely, thought-provoking balladry of the title track. Vice Verses has been a longtime coming, and I honestly can't remember the last time I found an album as satisfying, exciting and consistently enjoyable from listen to listen as this Switchfoot's Vice Verses.

Style: Rock / Pop / Alternative
Street Date: September 27, 2011
2 CD's includes Hello Hurricane LIVE to 320kbps

01. Afterlife (3:37)
02. The Original (3:15)
03. The War Inside (3:39)
04. Restless (5:18)
05. Blinding Light (4:17)
06. Selling the News (3:35)
07. Thrive (5:12)
08. Dark Horses (3:54)
09. Souvenirs (4:15)
10. Rise Above It (3:33)
11. Vice Verses (5:08)
12. Where I Belong (6:53)


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