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Write This Down - Lost Weekend

The mysterious Tooth & Nail Records outfit Write This Down made a grand splash in 2010's year in music, and their self-titled debut boasted a sweeping variety of rock approaches that fluctuated from song to song. Two years later, Lost Weekend is a far more consistent effort, honing in on a coarse hard rock style (best foretold in last album's "Redemption") with dirtier riffs and unrelenting aggression throughout the vast majority of its tracks. WTD's cryptic, but honest, lyricism is back in full force, as Johnny Collier and Nate Rockwell scream and sing with conviction, digging for better than the lowest common denominator in both themselves and their surrounding society. The clever and flawless No Doubt cover "Don't Speak," the acoustic-based and heartfelt "Cheap Affairs," and the short and sweet "Minnesota Interlude" are all the budding flowers in the record's rugged landscape, giving much-needed variety to the album's full picture. While Write This Down had little issue diversifying within an expanded genre, it was a slightly unfocused collection, and though Lost Weekend addresses this area effectively, it's almost too locked in to one sound, giving off an ever-so-faint formulaic flair. WTD has proven to be comfortable both in and out of their musical skin, and album number three will likely work best as the happy medium in their genre of choice. Still, Lost Weekend is an immensely appealing hard rock ride; worth ample listens this summer and beyond, it's certainly the most complete record from the Tooth & Nail roster this year, at least for now.

Style: Screamo / Rock
Street Date: June 5, 2012
Track List:

01. The Older I Get, The Better I Was (3:26)
02. See Ya Never (3:16)
03. I'll Make You Famous (3:18)
04. Red 7 (3:38)
05. Crash and Burn (3:31)
06. Don't Speak (3:17)
07. Cheap Affairs (4:12)
08. The Florida Rage (3:15)
09. Lost Weekend (3:50)
10. Touch and Go (3:49)
11. Minnesota Interlude (2:02)
12. Song and Dance (4:59)

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