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Ivoryline - Vessels (2010)

Ivoyline's debut, There Came A Lion, was a good alternative rock album which featured a sound similar to Anberlin, but the project itself lacked diversity. The band's second venture, Vessels, does more to increase the individual variety of music between songs, but it will still take a few listens for fans to get the full outlook of the release. Still, a few highlights stick out right away such as the intense "Search Me Out" and the emotionally charged "The Healing." Both the title track and "No One Else" provide the heavy lifting, while "Instincts" and "Made From Dust" act as the album's more epic tracks. My biggest gripe with the music on Vessels is that there could be several comparisons made from Vessels to Sent By Ravens' debut, Our Graceful Words, which was released earlier this year. Although their debut was fairly spiritually ambiguous, the lyrics are not so vague this time as Ivoryline offers some clear Biblical language (some examples: "live a life/worthy of the calling you have don't look left, don't stray right/narrow is the way to life death couldn't hold him down"). Overall, it took several listens for Vessels to grow on me, but the lyrical depth combined with the band's refined rock sound makes Ivoryline's sophomore record something worth getting into this summer.

Style: Rock / Alternative
Street Date: July 27, 2010

Jeremy Gray – lead vocals
Dusty Kittle – guitar
Wes Hart – drums
Robert Woodward – bass guitar
Brandon Crabtree - touring guitar

Track list:

01. The Healing
02. With the Daylight
03. Search Me Out
04. Instincts
05. Open Hearts
06. Vessels
07. No One Else
08. Walking Dead
09. Broken Bodies
10. The Greatest Love
11. Made From Dust
12. Naked
13. You Bring Fire

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