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House Of Heroes - The End Is Not The End (2008)

House of Heroes return- with an epic flair and the staggering talent fans have long come to expect. The End Is Not The End marks not a mere continuation of a previously established sound, but opts for the deeper aspects of musical tale-telling. Taking cues from the greatest eras of music past, and then embellishing those tonal concepts and meshing them with a flavor all their own. Every nuanced vocal arrangement or underlying melody change between verses only serve to add to the virtuosity of the whole. And the amazing music and group vocals serve the plotline so well- steeped in an age gone by, telling tales of WWII from the vantage of the personal. With often poignant thematic elements, harkening to stories of war and hope and personal sacrifice, the subject matter never weighs the album down. Rather, because the often brilliant instrumentation is rooted in such unfeigned narrative- the meaning and depth of character bleeding from every audio pore is accentuated. Thoughts shall be provoked- emotions will be stirred. In a single word- "Epic."

Track list:

1. Intro
2. If
3. Lose Control
4. Leave You Now
5. Dangerous
6. In The Valley of The Dying Sun
7. Code Name: Raven
8. By Your Side
9. Journey Into Space (Part One)
10. Sooner Or Later
11. Baby’s A Red
12. Drown
13. Faces
14. Voices
15. Field of Daggers
Bonus Tracks
16. New Moon
17. Ghost

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no estan las ultimas 2 canciones y lo peor es que esas son las que queria :(

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Diego dijo...

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