martes, 1 de febrero de 2011

StorySide: B - Everything And More

StorySide:B boasts an interesting history. When comprised of only vocalist/guitarist Lucio "Lu" Rubino and drummer Jordan Mohilowski, the duo took first place in the band division of the "Exalting Him" talent contest. Shortly thereafter, they began working on an EP, added three more members to the mix, and even watched their song "More To This Life" become a major hit on the Air1 radio network. And for the impressive part? All of that occurred before signing with Gotee Records. Now this fivesome is on the heels of their major label debut Everything and More.

Style: Pop / Rock
Street Date: December 26, 2005

Track list:
01. Everything And More
02. It's Not Over
03. Miracle
04. More To This Life
05. Hold Me Down
06. You're Not Alone
07. Breathe
08. Send Me A Sign
09. Dance To Me
10. In Your Eyes
11. Off The Ground

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