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All the Day Holiday - "The Things We've Grown to Love"

The enchantment and gorgeous intentions of The Things We’ve Grown To Love is immediate. Album opener “Autumn” starts with a token lead: urgent guitars, pulsating effects busting through the seams, vocal lines that draw maps across several landscapes and then a lyric that assures “We’re caught up in/A thousand spiderwebs and lies/So let it go, let the pages turn on their own” and then “I promise you we’ll make it out alive.” A key gut-jerking that “this is something real” (as the band puts it on “Real Time”) gives All The Day Holiday a mystic that there is something unbeknownst to us all, and they’re just helping us understand that. But above those virtuous ideals, All The Day Holiday are still a bit naïve. And so are we all - the combination of this all is what gauges The Things We’ve Grown To Love at a mesmerizing level of emotive. Similar experiences have been had with bands like Lovedrug and Pompeii, but All The Day Holiday is the new player on the frontlines of tingly auras.

But enough of these gushy sentiments. The beauty of The Things We’ve Grown To Love has a lot more to do with Matt Malpass production and the band’s nerve for laying pop atmospheres akin to Mae or Days Away. Every track on the album, with the exception of acoustic ender “Invisible”, is a sophisticated calculation of delay and sounds as colors. Despite being new to our ears, All The Day Holiday has the structure of a band who has toyed around with their sound for more than a few years (and was previously splashing around in the screamo genre with former band, Against The Nations). This shows in their secure delivery and precision.

Style: Indie / Experimental / Ambient
Street Date: August 4, 2009

Track list:
01 Autumn
02 Real Time
03 2000 Winters
04 Greener
05 La Voyage
06 Atmosphere
07 Cities
08 The Things We've Grown To Love
09 Flowers And Fireworks
10 Cheers (You Still Love Me)
11 Mountains
12 Invisible

Link: mediafire

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