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Chasing Victory - Fiends

First, a list:
1) The Battle of Verdun
2) Art & Culture During The T'ang Dynasty
3) Chasing Victory
4) Millard Filmore, The 13th President of the United States

The only thing the items in this list have in common is that they are a compilation of subjects that I know little to nothing about. I got the commission to review Fiends, the third release from Chasing Victory, a band I hesitate to call emo-core or alt-core, but nonetheless a band that falls out of my normal bailiwick of extreme hardcore and metal music.

The album opener, "Chemicals," should be enough to rope you into listening to the whole record, which is a magnificently written compilation of hard music written by a clearly accomplished band, not just your run-of-the-mill weepy screamo kids. The vocals are nice, fairly standard; lots of shrieks mixed in with clear falsetto vocals. Songs like "Wolves" and "Fiends" have vocal melodies that remind one a lot of bands like Mindless Self Indulgence with their frantic octave changes and coffee-grinder-full-of-bones screams. On the softer side of Sears, they've got a lot in common with the Bleed American sound of Jimmy Eat World, especially heart-renders like "Brides" with its weepy guitar leads and quavering lyrics.

Fiends is certainly a worthy third effort, and also certainly worth a listen.

Style: Alternative / Hardcore / Rock
Street Date: May 8, 2007

Track list:
01. Chemicals (King Of The Carp)
02. Wolves (G.O.B. Vs Tony Wonder)
03. Fiends (Selling Out Ain't Easy)
04. Queens (The Skeleton Key To A Skeleton)
05. Carnies (Rapture Raptors)
06. Janus (Doctor Jekyll/Stephen Hyde)
07. Zombies (Oceans Away The Sequel)
08. Brides (The Groom Of St. Albany)
09. Kings (Miaminions)
10. Barbarians (Crackle Rotcha Tee Thout) 

Link: mediafire

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