martes, 4 de diciembre de 2012

Chevelle - Hats Off To The Bull (2011)

Chevelle have never been flashy, showy or ostentatious. The power trio, as their sixth album Hats Off to the Bull once again demonstrates, simply enjoy getting together and cranking out Helmet-inspired metal laced with thick riffage (see "Same Old Trip") and prickly breakdowns (check out "Clones"). At the same time, several tracks, among them "Ruse," "Envy" and "Piñata," reflect Chevelle's understated knack for big hooks and catchy choruses. This shouldn't come as any surprise, really, considering the band hails from Chicago.

Track list:
1. Face to the Floor
2. Same Old Trip
3. Ruse
4. The Meddler
5. Piñata
6. Envy
7. Hats off to the Bull
8. Arise
9. Revenge
10. Prima Donna
11. Clones

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