martes, 4 de diciembre de 2012

The Wedding - No Direction (2012)

Despite being around for years now, The Wedding hardly ever seems to be dropping full-length albums. But the newly signed Tooth & Nail act known for their punk flair alternative tunes is bringing their creative sound to a record store near you with their third album, No Direction.

The first chunk of the album is exactly what one would expect to find when listening to an album from the four piece from Arkansas: fast-paced, chant filled, anger-laced alternative rock tunes, and each one comes out delightful. These boys can definitely play their instruments and holler positive anthems, making this part of the album replay worthy. Near the middle of the release is "The Wildest Ocean," which showcases a softer side and more depth with lyrics like "with all my transgressions, I need Someone who can wash it all away... Tell me it's more than being broken." The track is haunting and simply amazing.

Some of the songs aren't noteworthy, but they're not necessarily bad, either. "The Raconteur" and "Young and Dangerous" sound a little repetitive with a few too many "whoa's whoa's" for their own good, and "Hang On Love" doesn't seem to fit on this album and should have been omitted entirely. Overall, this is certainly worth picking up if you're into previous stuff from The Wedding or simply a fan of the rock or alternative genre.
Track List:
  1. No Direction (3:19)
  2. In the End (3:04)
  3. The Lesser Worth (4:24)
  4. The Raconteur (3:16)
  5. Hang On Love (4:13)
  6. The Wildest Ocean (5:16)
  7. Mors Tua Nos Vita (3:09)
  8. Kill Any Excuse (3:22)
  9. Heartbreak in Melody (3:01)
  10. Don't Let Me Down (3:49)
  11. Young and Dangerous (3:35)
  12. Distance and Resolution (2:33)

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