jueves, 6 de enero de 2011

Fighting Instinct - Under the Gun: Deluxe EP

Their brand new EP, Under The Gun, which is also their last release, is entirely self-released via iTunes. Their sound can be best described as a southern rock style mix reminiscent of secular bands like Nickelback and Puddle Of Mudd.

Street date: October 28, 2008
Style: Rock
Band Members: Tj Harris... Lead vocals, Guitars
                          Jason Weekly... Bass
                          Dallas Farmer... Drums

Track list:
01. Desperate
02. Under the Gun
03. With My Hands Up
04. Road to Carolina
05. Stop Me Cold
06. Steal Away (Bonus Track)
07. Tonight (Bonus Track)
08. Come Home (Bonus Track)
09. Take My Life (Bonus Track)

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