viernes, 7 de enero de 2011

Future Of Forestry - Travel II EP

We are currently in the midst of a three-part journey indie alt-rockers Future of Forestry are undertaking called Travel, a set of three EPs to be released a few months apart from each other. The first chapter has come and gone, and we're now on the second installment, aptly titled Travel II. Travel I was quite an ambitious effort from Eric Owyoung and friends, but arguably fell a bit flat in the end. So how does the sequel fare? Thankfully, Travel II is a better EP than its predecessor; where there were faults, Travel II has filled up the holes nicely.

Style: Indie Rock
Street Date: September 8, 2009

Track list:
01. Hills Of Indigo Blue (3:48)
02. Holiday (3:17)
03. Set Your Sails (3:58)
04. Slow Your Breath Down (5:00)
05. So Close So Far (3:30)
06. Someday (4:56)

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