miércoles, 19 de enero de 2011

Manic Drive - Blue

As part of a new distribution deal, Whiplash Records band Manic Drive decided to put forth a sort of re-release of their latest album, Reset & Rewind. Titled Blue, the new project combines eight of Reset's tracks with four new ones. The slew of new songs include "Music" and "Walls," which are both high-energy techno-fused rock anthems, something new for the band. "Closer" is a beautiful worship song that makes use of Autotune, which surprisingly works well. "Rain" is a nice ballad, but is clearly the weakest of the four new
Style: Alternative / Rock / Electronic
Street Date: August 18, 2009

Track list:
01. Music (3:25)
02. Walls (4:14)
03. Blue (4:16)
04. Closer (4:08)
05. NYC Gangsters (3:43)
06. Dancefloor (3:20)
07. Eleven Regrets (4:07)
08. Rain (3:23)
09. Hope (4:05)
10. Better Man (3:41)
11. December Mourning (4:09)
12. Change (3:22)

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