sábado, 22 de enero de 2011

Switchfoot - Eastern Hymns for Western Shores EP

Nothing can be more of a blessing and yet such a curse as the notorious B-Side. These songs are the forgotten, set-aside tracks that were considered but never accepted. And while some artists/bands could easily release an album of songs that they never thought were good enough, others might recognize their hidden quality yet know they were made for something… or somewhere else. With the latest Switchfoot release, we are given just that in Eastern Hymns For Western Shores. But let it be known that four out of six of these songs have already been heard; whether they were found on previous/random releases, fan sites, or somehow snagged off of infamous music pirating outles. However, this compilation is a pure representation of the darker and more mysterious side of Switchfoot. For any friend of the Foot, these "hymns" aren't complete unless they come together.

Styile: Alternative Rock / Experimental
Street Date: December, 2010

Track list:
01. We Are Bound (3:29)
02. Stitches (3:08)
03. Daylight To Break (3:35)
04. Overthrow (3:36)
05. Dirty Second Hands (Original Recording - Eastern Hymns Sessions) (2:50)
06. Connect With The Spine (2:44)

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